The cleanliness you deserve.

Our commitment during COVID-19.

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We are concerned about the your wellbeing and that of everyone that touches your vehicle.

At Apple Auto Glass®, we’ve always been focused on maintaining the highest standards and practices. ‘You’ll see we care’ is more than our tagline, it’s our commitment to service, quality and care of your vehicle.

Your safety and that of our service staff is paramount. Discover how our new high safety measures keep you protected while we expertly service your car.

Included Sanitation Services

Whenever you visit us, you'll receive the following additional services, free of charge.

Interior disinfecting, including:

  • Key and keyless entry remote
  • Steering wheel
  • Gear selector
  • Seatbelt and buckles
  • Wiper
  • Turn signal indicators
  • Dashboard
  • Console
  • Door handles
  • Controls

Exterior Disinfecting, including:

  • Door handles
  • Rear trunk handle
  • Side windows

Standardized Peace of Mind

In addition to disinfecting your car, we’ve put practices in place at all of our locations across Canada with your safety and health in mind.

These practices include:

  1. Our employees will maintain a 2m distance with all customers
  2. All public and common areas are regularly disinfected
  3. Employees must wash hands regularly and wear new gloves and masks when accessing a customer’s vehicle
  4. Hand sanitizer dispensers are available at all locations
  5. If any employee or customer has been travelling, we ask that they remain at home
  6. Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms will not be permitted in any of our locations

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