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Windshield Repair & Replacement

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When it comes to precision auto glass repair and replacement, we’re simply the best.

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Auto Glass Repair

A windshield chip could crack at any moment, often when you least expect it. Temperature changes are a chip's worst enemy — even between day and night during the summer there’s enough of a change to cause a windshield crack. If this happens when you're driving, it may not only be uncomfortable to the eye, it could impair your visibility. Repairing a chip will make your windshield as strong as it was before the damage.

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Rock Chip Repair Resin

To do your repair, we use our unique and exclusive resin to fill the smallest cracks within a rock chip, restoring your windshield to its original condition. Strong and durable, our resin won’t tarnish over time.

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Windshield Repair System

Our patented Glass Medic® System is the most advanced technology for windshield repairs anywhere. This exclusive technique, which uses pressurized and controlled resin injection technology, does the job perfectly.

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Auto Glass Replacement

Your windshield represents up to 30% of your vehicle’s structural integrity. Your passenger airbag and windshield work together to protect you. A damaged windshield could lead to airbag failure. In other words, professional windshield replacement is a way to maintain the structural safety of your vehicle. We replace windshields by the book, and we wrote the book.

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Cutting-Edge Windshield Replacement

When a windshield is removed, there are many chances for the body of the vehicle to be scratched, potentially causing rust and leaks over time. We developed the Ezi-Wire® to precisely remove windshields without ever touching the body, making sure you benefit from the best windshield replacement.

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Windshield Replacement Urethane & Primers

Our custom, exclusive urethane and primer formulas are the perfect combination for a solid bond between your new windshield and vehicle. Fast drying, these formulas allow you to drive safely after just a few hours, offering you and your family total peace of mind when you get back on the road.

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Windshield Replacement Precision

Precision is a must when it comes to fitting a windshield properly. That’s why we use the Lil Buddy®. This tool ensures that your windshield replacement is perfectly aligned to manufacturer specifications. No loose ends, leaks or whistling at Apple Auto Glass®.

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Windshield: The Invisible Significance

On top of a top-notch installation by one of our certified and experienced technicians, we offer you OE-quality glass and parts. When you choose us, rest assured we know that visual distortion, even minimal, isn’t acceptable in your windshield. Our strict inspection process ensure that nothing else than perfect glass is installed on your vehicle.

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