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At Apple Auto Glass®, our decades long dedication to quality and your safety is what sets us apart.

At Apple Auto Glass®, we do everything it takes to make sure you come back. We answer all your questions, stick to our time estimate and make sure every replacement or repair is done by the book.

Our book starts and ends with our Six Point Care Process, a simple set of six rules that help us to provide the best service possible.


Sure and Satisfied

You'll know exactly what your vehicle needs. We take the time to explain exactly what needs to be repaired and/or replaced, making sure every question you have is answered.


Ability to Deliver

You can depend on our expertise. All of our technicians working on your replacement or repair are highly trained to ensure that your windshield is completely safe before you get back behind the wheel.


Formula for Success

We do it by the book and on time, making sure all replacement windshields are properly primed and sealed in place to ensure optimal bonding — maximizing the strength of your windshield and minimizing the impact on your schedule.


Effective Results

All windshield replacements are performed in proper conditions, complying with MDAT (Minimum Drive Away Time) guidelines to allow adhesives to cure. Ask your technician why this is an important with every windshield replacement.


Testament to Quality

You'll drive away with total confidence. Any work performed by Apple Auto Glass® comes with a National Lifetime Warranty, proudly honoured by your local Apple Auto Glass location — no matter where your travels take you in Canada.


You'll See We Care

You'll see we care from start to finish.This means that we’ll give your vehicle one last check, a final overall inspection before you drive off our lot to ensure everything is safe and done to our high standards.

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