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Scratch Removal

Everyone wants their vehicle to look its best. We’ll have yours looking good as new.

Apple Auto Glass® Scratch Removal

Your vehicle is a big investment, and the last thing you want is damage to it. Scratches and dents detract from the good looks of any car. Unfortunately, minor damage to your vehicle can easily happen. Even the slightest bump in a parking lot can cause an unsightly blemish. Many vehicle owners will turn to off the shelf products for a quick fix, but they rarely do the job. In order to get true scratch removal, you need to turn to the professionals.

At Apple Auto Glass®, we utilize intensive buffing and polishing to remove scratches both minor and severe. Hand polishing and light buffing will often be enough to remove minor paint scratches, but deeply ingrained blemishes will often require heavy buffing and careful wet sanding. Our qualified bodywork experts are able to assess the type of scratch removal process you require, and provide you with solutions using state-of-the-art tools and polishing products.

scratch removal and buffing

Get Truly Professional Scratch Removal

Don’t compromise on your vehicle’s appearance. Book an appointment with an Apple Auto Glass® expert, and have your car shine again.

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